Honey-glazed Grilled Carrots

20140529_182223 (2)

So, it’s been a crazy week at work, and I left the office today about an hour later than usual.  Not a big deal, but it did mean that I was hungry and thinking of food the whole way home!

As I was driving, I started taking a mental inventory of my fridge and pantry – what could I make for dinner that was tasty, healthy and fast?

Grilling is fast and tasty! Yes!  Pork chops in the fridge, that will work, and onions.  Grilled onions are always good…what else?  Carrots!  I know I have a bag of carrots, maybe a little old, but perfect for cooking.  Can I grill carrots?  Well, why not?  Just throw them on the grill?  Hmmmm…glazed carrots?  Honey glazed carrots – on the grill?  Yum!

I figured what the hell, let’s give it a try!  I walked in the door, said hi to the cats and gave them their dinner, and immediately started cooking mine.

Fresh thyme! Lemon on the left, regular on the right.

I started with about a quarter cup of honey, warmed it up so it would be easier to glaze the carrots, and added about a teaspoon of fresh thyme, salt and pepper.

I brushed the honey mixture over the carrots, and got the grill good and hot.

20140529_180754 (2)

I was afraid that there might be some flare ups if the glaze dripped down on the grill, but nope!  I got a good char on the carrots and turned the burners down to medium.  I left the carrots on the grill until they got soft – about 12 minutes.

20140529_181523 (2)

As soon as the carrots hit the grill, I could smell the honey.  It was awesome.  The carrots had a slightly charred, smokey taste that blended really well with the sweetness of the honey. They went great with the jerk-seasoned pork chops and grilled onions.

20140529_182152 (2)

I wonder what else I can grill that I haven’t tried yet?

Elwood is displeased at the lateness of his dinner.    "Feed me, human!"

Elwood is disapproves of dinner being late.  Well, so do I!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve grilled?  How did it work out?