• For the past three years, I’ve gotten my CSA from Basket of Life Farm in the   Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  They focus on using sustainable methods and organic products; plus, Heather makes a fantastic cherry jam!

  • Countryside is an organization based in Northeast Ohio dedicated to connecting people with their food and their farmers.  Countryside runs several local farmers markets, holds classes for farmers and local food enthusiasts and sponsors events like food swaps.

  • Since I became more aware of the benefits of local foods, Brunty Farms is where I buy almost all of my meat and eggs.  They are a pasture based farm in Akron, Ohio

  •  I’m fortunate to have this store so close to my house.  I stop at Krieger’s probably 3-4 times a week to pick up whatever produce looks good for dinner that night.  Good stuff!

  • Red Run Bison is one of the vendors that I often see at the Countryside Farmers Market.  I love bison – it’s lean and flavorful, and the bison from Red Run is just awesome.

  •  Where I learned to blog!  Lettuce Never Squash Our Love was (and is) a family blog started when my cousin and his wife, my aunt and uncle, and my mom and dad all signed up for local CSAs and wanted to share recipes.  I joined up a little later, and eventually decided I wanted to break away and start my own blog.

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