The Answer is Always Now

“Who. What. Where. Why.”
I blinked. “Not ‘when’?”
She shook her head. “The answer to that is always ‘now’.”
– From Variable Star, by Robert A Heinlein and Spider Robinson

I’ll admit it.  For the past few months, I haven’t been eating the way that I want to.  Oh, I haven’t started eating Twinkies for breakfast or anything like that, but I have been guilty of too much pizza, too much ice cream, too much convenience “food”.  And I know it.

It’s been too easy to tell myself, “I’ll do better next month, next week, tomorrow, after Thanksgiving, after Christmas…” I just haven’t made it happen.  And I know that when I cook, when I eat real, not-processed food that I feel better.  My skin looks better.  I have more energy and frankly, I’m happier.

What I don’t know is why knowing all that hasn’t been enough to get me back in the good eating groove, but it doesn’t matter.

That changes now.  You saw the quote at the beginning, right?   For whatever reason, I woke up today with that snippet of dialogue from one of my favorite novels stuck in my head – the answer is always now.

No more next week, no more tomorrow.  Now.  And no, this isn’t a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that.  But I am going to resolve something – for the next week, seven days in a row, I’m going to document every food choice that I make and share it on this blog.

Every evening for the next seven days, I’ll post what I ate that day.  If I make good choices, fantastic.  I’ll post it.  If I screw up, I’ll post that too.  And if (I will not say when) I screw up, I won’t let that start an unhealthy pattern.  I’ll get back on track – now.

Time to reclaim my kitchen.  20150109_224126 (2)

9 thoughts on “The Answer is Always Now

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